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Fun, Physics-Based Puzzler

Developers No Brake gives you an experience where physical comedy is inevitable. Human Fall Flat Adventure is a game that combines platforming action with physics-based puzzles. It throws away the slapstick banana peel comedy and replaces it with the comedic virtue of wrecking balls, cargo ships, and coal furnaces. 

Ragdoll Bob and His World of Puzzles

In Human Fall Flat Adventure, you will play as Bob, a  wobbly, doughy man who keeps on dreaming of surreal places filled with puzzles. You would need to navigate Bob in a variety of open environments to reach the exits. In order to do so, you must solve puzzles and control Bob as he travels the game map. 

The game begins with simple puzzles to make the story. By picking up small walkie-talkies in the first couple of levels, you can bring up a projector-like screen that will give you a voiced tutorial. However, as the game progresses, so are the puzzles. Soon, you will not only be controlling Bob to make him pull and push objects or switch cranes, but you will found him standing on top of trains or zipping on cables. 

But what players would love about the game is that there are multiple solutions to almost every puzzle. This way, you can go back to the levels you have already done, and try other means to complete it. And since the game is relatively short, this lets you enjoy it a little bit longer. 

More so, there are small secrets and achievement in every level, making it worth exploring. While the first few levels can be considered for beginners, the latter parts involve some craziness such as sailing and using a rowboat, driving motorboat and dump truck, and fueling a power plant with harvesting coal. These activities may be fun, but if you are controlling a character as clumsy as Bob, it can also be quite aggravating. 

Game Controls, Features, and Updates

Your sense of control over Bob is undermined by his clumsy jumping, awkward arm-flailing, and overall wobbly movement. By pressing the controls, Bob can lift his arms to grab on to surfaces, pick up items, and even clamber up ledges. Bob's hand have an instant magnetic attachment to anything his hand comes into contact with, so all you need to do is make sure that his arms flail around. However, while the world might seem fit for 3D platforming games, you might find it hard to make Bob do something as trivial as opening a door. 

Think Bob can't push that wall by himself? Then how about a party of Bobs? That's right. The recent game update lets you play with multiple players online. By allowing up to eight players, this function makes playing more fun. You can also play locally with a friend using a split screen.

The game also comes with a character customization option to let you decide how Bob looks. You can draw a face or dress him in a silly suit. You can even import a picture of your face via webcam

Have Fun with Bob

Human Fall Flat Adventure caters to casual players who are looking for an enjoyable time. The game is not scripted and does not impose limitations. Whatever Bob does depends on you. More so, the game comes with unlimited replay value so you can fall into Bob's dreams as many times as you want. If you are looking for a new brand of comedy in a game, then this one is for you. 


  • Hilariously Fun Game Concept
  • Clever Puzzles
  • Solo and Multiplayer Modes
  • Unlimited Replay Value


  • Short Gameplay
  • Controlling the Character Can Be Difficult
  • Occasional Connection Problems

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